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COMPETITIVE CUSTOMER-CENTRIC APPROACHES TO BUSINESS EXPANSION is a 2 - Day, Open Extraordinary program, where you would learn the secrets of creating the edge; know how to capture the juicy portion of the market and leave competitors to share the crumbs.

Competitive Customer Centric Approaches to Business Expansion

Create Impact In The Competitive Market Place- Enhanced Market Penetration Strategies

This is an engaging customized one on one interactive program designed to help people in establishments deepen understanding of the current target sector of the market; also to create a deeper reach into the competitive landscape and create greater impact.

Organizational goodwill is no longer enough to win customers or new business. Modern customers are knowledgeable and have a wide range of options readily available at their disposal. So, selling products and services require new approaches and  new skill sets. A company's ability to proactively collect, collate, analyse. monitor and interpret market intelligence, understand market potential variables; and able to develop customer- centric competitive strategies and tactics would win perpetually.

You and your colleagues are invited to a 2 - Day, Open Extraordinary program, where you would learn the secrets of creating the edge; know how to capture the juicy portion of the market and leave competitors to share the crumbs.
You would learn the single action necessary to move your products and services from obscurity to be the Leader of the Pack FAST'.
You would know how to position your products and services appropriately to attract the right prospective customers and get them buying without stress.  You would know how to skyrocket sales using the same people and process and create higher levels of productivity and profitability.
Day One
Day Two
What is our business about?

Alignment Appraisal of Mission, Vision, Values, Goals.
Customer Care Approaches– old order, new order, trends

Who and Where are our Competitors?. 
Real Competitors are often not obvious!

Winning Customer Service Competitive Strategies Cases
The “Moments of Truth” – an analysis of the customer – staff interfaces

Customer Life cycle: Long, medium or short and the typical customer experiences 

Things which matter most/least

Internal network of responsibilities to deliver superior service

Customer and market Intelligence Gathering Methods and sources

Using metrics that matter to craft service delivery

Use of time, sequence and delivery format to create maximum impact

How to determine value, no guess work!
Delivering value timely, appropriately and driving more patronage

  • Self-Analysis and self-understanding of personal roles and contribution
  • Preparing for customer interaction, engaging, motivating, helping to initiate

Steps to checking understanding – customers’ definition of value:
  • Two way communication in service delivery
  • Checking Understanding, building rapport and deepening relationship
  • Service Delivery Cycle Appraisal and benchmarking
  • Products and services positioning strategies for impact
  • Creating a solution based environment and driving innovation
  • Getting the collaboration of others in the service delivery cycle
  • Recognising and using the Drivers to company’s advantage
  • Working in a customer centric environment
  • Recognising and handling objections persuasively, creatively and profitably
  • Using research outcomes as a competitive weapon
  • Working as a service delivery team to deliver value

Technical solutions - not always the whole answer to customer’s needs or desires:
  • Integrated solutions to creating advocates for company’s and services
  • Creating and building alliances and converting “Nay Sayers” to “Allies”