Effective Performance Appraisal Management System for HR Practitioners and Managers is a three day mostly one on one intensive training. It is designed to help the practitioner update knowledge and internalize new approaches to performance appraisal planning, implementation and management.

Winning organizations have mastered the art of identifying, measuring and delivering fool-proof systems for employee performance and reward; drive employee engagement, enhance employee retention and productivity enhancement. This is an engaging and predominantly personalized ONE ON ONE coaching program.

As time consuming, tedious and stressful Performance Appraisal could be - when not done rightly, however when approached with the right concepts, PA&M is fun, insightful and profitable. Business growth, employee motivation and employee engagement are three of the direct gains of an effective Performance appraisal management system.

An effective Performance Appraisal and Reward System is not left to chance, but handled deliberately with great care it deserves! An effective way to ensure mediocrity is not being rewarded, to the detriment of the future of your organization?

For more on this, it is recommended you join the Winning HR Professionals and Managers Program and master the art of identifying, measuring and delivering fool-proof systems for planning, engaging and delivering efficient and fun performance appraisal and management  sessions for your personal sanity, employee engagement, drive performance improvement and realistic reward expectations. Some of the benefits of attending a program like this include opportunity to reinvent, assess and reinvigorate self towards the seasonal exercise. 


Day 1

Day 2

Case for Performance Management

Case for Appraisal and Appraisal Systems

Why focus on appraisal
Components Parts of an Appraisal System

Clarifying Individual personal objectives
Overview of Corporate Goals 

Overview of Unit Heads' Functions and goals

Overview of the  process, materials and rewards, standards & competencies

The Unit Managers Capacity planning and utilization

Performance metrics, measures and quality control

Performance Management Challenges and Resolutions

Performance Review Process

The Performance Management Cycle---Objectives, competencies, and standards
Preparation for the Manager---Assessment and using performance measures

Preparation for the Employee --- Career and Development

The Performance Review Conversation

Understanding the timetable and procedures

Preparing properly

Objective Setting, SMARTIES

Values and Standards Setting

The Coach Manager/Supervisor Conversation Skills

Career Conversation and Career Setting

Career Anchor Exercises

Giving (and receiving) constructive feedback

Agreeing worthwhile objectives and Roles Clarity:

Job purpose

Key areas

Performance indicators

Day 3

Managing Poor Performance

Developing employees’ performance and identifying potential

Human Capacity Requirement Planning

Human Capacity Deployment & utilization

Monitoring and control procedures

Creating Value, Flexibility and Creativity Management

Leadership Behaviors that Promote Top Performance

Archimedes Physics of Raising Performance Lever

Revisiting corporate ’s long term view

An Objective Assessment of What’s Happening to Individual
Employees Performance

  • What have I been hired to do?  

  • What results are expected of me?

  • What can I do to make a real difference in the organization fortunes?

  • What are my bosses’ Critical Result Areas?

  • What Critical Result Areas should be for me?

Keys to success – Feedback –giving and receiving

Key to success--Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Role Plays

Evaluation and Action Plan

Presentation of certificates

What you benefit from our training !!!
Clear cut understanding of your targets.

  • What to measure as indication of achievement.

  • What to do to make a difference in your organisations.

  • How to scale your performance.

  • 100 percent work efficiency in your organisation.

This product is valued at
N150,000  but we offer 40% discount to our clients Fee: N 90,000.

Additional information:

​​If for any reason you find the training below expectation, we offer 100% guarantee of refund.
After training assessment and coaching, we do a follow-up on our clients personal and business development.

Only 20 seats available. we make our class sessions very convenient for our clients.