Verification Services

The spate of fake credentials in the country is alarming. In our experience as a verification organization, three out of every certificate or reference presented are fake! It is therefore worth the while for the corporate to do verification of all credentials, background and reference checks. One could imagine the tremendous benefits of such an exercise. Any amount spent in verification exercise yields at least 1000% returns in form of weeding out incompetence, ensuring high quality input of human and other resources and ensuring growth of the corporate. It is in view of this that we invite you to take advantage of our verification service.

This includes:

  • Degree Verification
   It is believed that class of degree is a reflection of one’s qualification and competence, and company employ on this assumption. Unfortunately,     the rate of forgery of degree is at alarming rate, which make verification of degree imperative and sacrosanct. At lcl coaches and consultant,             with vast experiences and research, We have the requisite skills to authenticate the validity of degree certificate within the shortest possible             time
  • Professional Certification Verifications  
    The sensitivity and role of professionals in organizations cannot be overemphasized. Critical decisions that determine the future of organization are taken by professionals. The validity and authenticity of decision taken by professionals is as good as the validity and authenticity of the professional certificate.
  • Past Employment Checks                                                                                                                                                                           Research shows that who we are is revealed by the patterns and series activities we are involve in. Also conduct, competence and skills of employee can be evaluated by a critical evaluation of the employee past employment record. This task is impaired by the rampant presentation of fake employee past employment record. It is alarming to note that one of every two employee has an exaggerated past employment record and some with an outright false employment history

  • Reference Checks                                                                                                                                                           No finite point has meaning without an infinite reference point a quote by jean-paul satre. The validity of all information, credentials is in its reference. Reference give validity to all information, wrong or fake reference make all information doubtful which out the organization in wide spectrum of risk ranging plagiarism and insecurity

  • WAEC and NECO Verifications

  • NYSC Verification

  • Physical Address Verifications

  • Guarantor Validations

  • Credit History Checks

To avoid fraud, we check that your documents are real. To do this, we ask the foreign institution that issued them to confirm that your documents are authentic. Our fees cover our internal costs and the fees that foreign institutions charge us to verify credentials. If the issuing institution requires additional fees or there are additional costs due to multiple degrees, we will notify you after we submit your application. We perform verifications against employee credential claims and ensure you start managing the risk of skills fraud.
How Long Does it Take?
The normal time frame is 12-15 business days. Rush services of 2 and 5 business days may be available for an additional fee. The time frame begins when your application, all needed documents and full payment have been received. But may take longer if the foreign institutions are on holidays or on strike.